We Harness the Power of Microbes for Healthier Plants.

Ground-breaking innovation that enriches the soil microbiome is helping to shape the potential of modern agriculture—and Agrinos is a leader in delivering on that potential. Our research team is dedicated to creating opportunities for improved plant health. We're rapidly uncovering new insights about how to leverage the oldest and most abundant form of life known to scientists: soil microbial communities.

Healthier Plants Are More Productive Plants.

Health starts from the ground up. Healthy soil is the foundation required for crops to reach their full potential, which in turn delivers higher yields and profitability to the grower. We at Agrinos work to improve plant productivity with ground-breaking microbial products to support the plant from the soil up, as well as all-natural, nutrient-rich products that foster success during critical plant growth stages.

Our Cutting-Edge Research Leads to Continuous Innovation.

Spearheaded by our Research & Development Team at our Global Biological Innovation Center in Davis, California—a global hub for crop biological product innovation—our Research, Development and Agronomy Team puts Agrinos HYT products at the forefront of microbial and biological crop improvements. We are in the midst of an incredible revolution in human, animal and plant biology that has rapidly emerged due to advances in DNA sequencing and bioinformatics—and our team is passionate about translating this revolution into innovative, sustainable biological crop solutions.

A Microbial Powerhouse Packs a Punch.

Just as human gut microbial composition affects our health, our uniquely robust microbial consortium harnesses the full potential of soil microbiome and supports plant productivity. Through our scientific formulation and proprietary co-fermentation process, we created our High Yield Technology (HYT®) platform of products that offer a healthy host of microbes. When applied, our formulation of commensal and beneficial microbes create an environment favorable for plant growth in both ideal and harsh conditions.

Plant with Microbes

Our Specialty Nutrient Products Naturally Deliver.

New levels of plant health and productivity will require new ways to support strong plant development and enhance critical metabolic and photosynthetic pathways in the crop during key growth stages. Our all-natural specialty nutrient products, also created by our proprietary HYT platform, maximize the bioavailability of unique formulation of macro- and micronutrients through a process which avoids harsh chemical extraction. The nutrients found in these products—including carbon, nitrogen, true protein, free amino acids and other micronutrients—are essential to plant development and deliver quick results during the growing season.